What a hilarious misunderstanding

So I’m trying to decide which dress to wear to an outdoor Shakespeare performance that my boyfriend is taking me to— something that looks nice but not too nice. Which one do you guys think would be best?

  1. white-tea said: I love them all, but I think 3rd or 4th!
  2. clinquantstardusts answered: 3!!!
  3. bettenoireramg answered: I’m thinking either the black or that middle brown one. The black/white one is too fancy.
  4. youpocketwitch answered: one of the last two
  5. that-rainbow-chick answered: Second to last one looks really cute to me.
  6. summerisfunner answered: i like the pink or black and yellow (:
  7. the-asgardian-pirate answered: Brown one in the middle, hands down. It looks really lovely with your skin tone and has sort of a Shakespearean viewing look to it. :)
  8. chupacabrachel answered: i’m as torn as you! good luck and have fun!
  9. wearyruler answered: I like the black on the bottom best.
  10. tritonreverse answered: Black and white, or brown. Cute shoes, headband, boom.
  11. iwouldburnmylibrary answered: i really like the pink one
  12. timelordcastle answered: I love the one in the middle the best! :)
  13. moonblossom said: I think the brown flower design one is really cute and seems event-appropriate
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